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Exigimos bajar los precios de los retrovirales, ya

Message Subject: Mr. Clark, Do the Right Thing on AIDS

Dear Mr. Clark, [Decision Maker],

I am extremely concerned about the high price of Merck's latest HIV/AIDS drug Isentress. Merck, once the keeper of a proud tradition of humanitarianism, is now, under your leadership, the company that charges the highest price for any first line AIDS therapy.

In 1987, Merck CEO Dr. P. Roy Vagelos made history offering Merck's drug for river blindness FREE to countries that requested it. Vagelos' action earned worldwide acclaim and is written about in business school case studies as a prime example of visionary corporate action that benefitted people and business.

Today, you preside over a company that:

- Charges the HIGHEST price for any first-line AIDS therapy--Isentress is priced at an eye-popping $13,000 per patient per year in the U.S.

- In Africa--the site of Merck's selfless humanitarianism in the 1080s-- charges $1,100 per patient per year for Isentress--20 times more than the price of other AIDS drugs

There is no justification for Merck to price Isentress three times higher than other first-line AIDS drugs. It is pure greed--and a sad departure from the tradition begun by Dr. Vagelos in which Merck placed a high value on good corporate citizenship.

Mr. Clark, please do the right thing on AIDS and immediately lower the price of Merck's latest HIV/AIDS drug Isentress.

Polo Gómez
Lerdo 189, Col. Guerrero, Mexico, D.F
Mexico, DF

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